Monday, 30 January 2012

Time Traveler's Wife

I did see that movie in the video store the other day but I didn't check it out. That's right people, I was in a video store. A real, live video store that is actually open and I will even say, thriving. Adam and I felt like we were back in 8th grade at our local Blockbuster, picking out a movie for the big sleepover party. We didn't technically know each other in 8th grade, but after hours of long walks on the beach and pre-wedding questionnaires you get a sense of what your significant other was like in middle school. 

Video stores and book stores are everywhere in New Zealand, which is weird after seeing them all wiped out in the States. Surprisingly, this sense of traveling back in time has become a familiar one to me the past couple months. I am often asking myself - what year is it here anyway? Exhibit A:

Not a great picture but at least you get a sense of the style here.

Since I had just gotten a video card I thought why not take it from an A day to A+ day and get a library card too. So I made my way to my local library, got a card, and just because I could, checked out Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Cd and relived my youth all in a matter of an afternoon. I am trying to embrace these differences instead of feel irritated by them, depending on the day, I am successful.

Speaking of differences, I was listening to the radio the other day and heard an F bomb dropped, just like it was hot. I guess censorship and Kiwis are like oil and water  and radio stations play songs in their original form. This also happens on TV shows and I don't mean cable. Perhaps you've been curious about how that angry cop on Southland really feels. Well I can tell you that when the bad guy gets away he doesn't yell, "Fudge." Same goes for those reality shows where people make idiots of themselves babbling on in their drunk tirades. Well the secret is out and while all you folks back home are racking your brain for what could possible be behind that bleep, I now know who these people really are. And they are just like US right?

Oh and I almost forgot to mention what I did end up renting. I could say it was a tough choice but it wasn't. I went with the 1st Season of Gossip Girl. It is SO good. I mean I had to do something to balance out the podcast I had listened to the day before about the European Debt Crisis.  

With regard to my actual life and goings on, it's proceeding as usual. Not that I have a "usual " yet but I'm working on it. The folks at Rhythm Cafe do know my name and coffee order so that's a small victory in the settling in game. Adam had to work all weekend, but I did get a last minute invite to attend a business dinner with him. It was at a fancy and delicious seafood restaurant in the Viaduct. I sat next to an American man who said "I'm not a big eater, I don't really understand the whole Thanksgiving thing." Alrighty, I'll add that to the list of Things I'll Never Say. Since I am not in the "not a big eater" camp I did eat a lot and had the pleasure of walking it off here:

This is the chair I would have layed down in had we not been with Adam's colleagues. Maybe next time....


  1. Ah yes, gotta love the local clothing selections. I'll have to send along a few photos I've collected from Newmarket (the self-proclaimed Rodeo Drive of Auckland). They have to been seen to be believed.

  2. Go see the movie to make it an A++ day...just to look at at Eric Bana for a few hours on the big screen.