Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Let Me See Your Tootsie Roll

Since I don't currently have a job it's important that I keep my mind sharp, just like how old people should watch Wheel of Fortune and play Suduko. This is why I have decided to challenge myself to write about my experience last night in the form of the classic Candy Bar format. Here goes:

We were walking down a street that looks nothing like 5th Avenue and ran into a couple I had met while looking at houses. The real estate agent we had dealt with was a real Zagnut and I mean that in the worst way possible. We Snickered about her and joined them at their table thinking what a SKOR it was to run into them. Andrew and Adriene had just moved from Canada which is closer then the Milky Way but still really far from New Zealand. We imparted our infinite wisdom about Kiwi life and Mounds of other things we had learned in our weeks here. We did not talk about the Symphony but about how Adriene is also a therapist like me and what life is like in the Navy for Andrew. I was quick to share that I had seen an International House Hunters episode where a guy from the UK, we will call him Mr. Goodbar, moved his family to the North Shore of Auckland to work at the very base where Andrew will be. We dined over delicious Indian food and our bill was less then 100 Grand which is always a good thing. Much to my chagrin it did not come with a free Butterfinger but turned out to be a really fun evening. I am looking forward to hanging out with them again and most importantly Adreine really seems like the kind of girl I could do the Tootsie Roll with.

And just because it hasn't gotten old :

I guess even at the Doctor's office you don't have to wear shoes.


  1. Katie, that was Bar None a Goobers of a story. Seriously a Marathon filled with Mounds of chocolate bar names. Please keep writing S'mores, ok?

  2. Hi - I just wanted to say hello. My husband and I are moving to Auckland from Dallas, TX on February 25th! I enjoyed reading of your experience so far! - Lindsay

    1. Hi Lindsay - thanks for writing. Good luck with the move! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

  3. Lovin' the zagnuttiness. I actually know how to do the Tootsie Roll dance if you are looking for pointers with your new friend Adreine.