Friday, 5 September 2014

Bump Watch 2.0

We're having a baby! Another one! Kiwi baby #2 is coming to a theater near you at the end of February. Thankfully that whole situation will not actually be on the big screen, but it will be coming to a hospital near us. At least that's the plan. I'm sure that was the woman's plan who gave birth on the side of the highway too. We will not be finding out the sex this time. Side note friends and family: please cancel all surprise parties you are planning for me as this surprise should tide me over for the next year.

We've got the same midwife as we did with Hazel which is really great. I've been feeling fine and thankfully have only been sick once. It was almost comical because as I was over the toilet Hazel was next to me actually trying to shut the lid on my head. Humor is a great distraction from pain. So really I can't complain, but I still do. Mostly about how exhausted I am. The first trimester I pretty much had that tired, hungover feeling all the time without the fun of the night before. You know those feelings of, "please just let me lay on the couch and watch copious amounts of tv and shove my face with pizza" ones. Much to my chagrin that didn't happen. Mostly because of this small person I live with. I did realize last week when we went to see Cirque du Soleil that it was the first time I had left the house past 6:30 in 6 weeks. Yep. I'm pretty cool.

It doesn't help that Adam got me an electric blanket for Mother's Day, that thing has been life changing (and clearly social life ending). With no central heating it's just cold in NZ in the winter even though it's not actually that cold outside. Anyway, this thing is awesome. Previously, I had ideas about what an electric blanket was, but the ones here or maybe just modern day ones, you put on your mattress with a fitted sheet over it and it's just heaven. I realize to native New Zealanders this sounds ridiculous, basically like someone moving to Atlanta in the summertime and discovering air conditioning.  Ridiculous, but incredible nonetheless.

I do still play tennis and hopefully will be able to for a couple more months. Hazel of course doesn't really understand that her world is about to be turned upside down. Like many parents, we have high hopes that she will be able to help out with new baby, but at this point all she has done is tried to feed it raisins through my belly button. Otherwise it's business as usual.

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