Thursday, 18 June 2015

Welcome to the World: Maggie Everett Wolf

And just like that we are a family of 4....

Maggie Everett  joined us on March 12th at 1:05 am, weighing 7.6 lbs and 20" long. By the time she arrived, I was 12 days past my due date (Hazel was 15!). Apparently my womb is a mix of hot baked cookies, puppies, and freshly laundered sheets that makes our girls not want to ever come out.

But come out she did - happy, healthy, and with a full head of hair. It was really special to have the same midwife that delivered Hazel, deliver Maggie. Variety is the spice of life, though, so this time I mixed it up and got pain relief.  I went au natural with Hazel and well let's just say I can see why people get that little thing called an epidural.

Ahh that moment you meet your baby it's truly one of the most amazing moments in life. That part honestly makes me want to have about fifty babies, the other parts well they make me want to stick to the single digits. Hard to believe Maggie is already 12 weeks old.

The past 3 months have flown by and I've found the transition from 1 to 2 kids much easier than the 0 to 1 adjustment.

There is still the same amount of  spit ups, poos, and sleepless nights, but it's much easier to handle second time around (even with a toddler in tow). People tell you it's temporary the first time, that this stage will pass, and with your second kid can actually believe them.

Shortly after delivery I went to Warkworth Birthing Centre to recoup and get some one on one time with Maggie. Adam and Hazel came to visit and it was great to be back in such a supportive environment. Birthcare is basically like a B & B for new mothers. Located in the country, you get round the clock care, meals delivered to your room, midwifes there to you help establish feeding and answer any questions you may have. And it's all free!

Cultural side note: NZ has a huge breastfeeding initiative and it's just the norm here. So if you are doing something besides that, don't expect to hear Journey's, "Open Arms" playing in your hospital room.

As great at birthcare was, it was nice to be home. Hazel was so excited to have her new sister under the same roof.

I could regale you with tales of leaky boobs and diaper blowouts but I think we will just hit  the highlights picture style. Here's some from the last few months.

Sisterly love:

Mother's Day "pup pup" outing:
A visit from "Gaga," Adam's mom:
Trips to the park:
One of our favourite stops, Juicy ice cream in Kumeu:

Hazel's first pony ride:

Still loves her scooter:
They start out so small:
 Ahh those first smiles:
Almost as sweet as the newborn cuddles:
 And right before your eyes they go from a newborn to a baby:
Maggie 2 months old:
Now 3 months old:

Making friends:
And no post would be complete without a scenery shot: