Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Before Sunrise

That would be referring to when I got up this morning. I was sleeping soundly as I usually do. Unbeknownst to me, it probably looked like this outside.

But anyone who knows me knows that I love my sleep. It's not only something I excel at but really enjoy. In my past, I have taken extreme and unprofessional measures to get the sleep I need. I am thinking specifically of a certain golf club I waitressed at on Martha's Vineyard, where I would lay down on the lovely carpeted bathroom floors if I had the morning shift and we had no cutomers. At one job in San Francisco, I also might have been known on occasion to "check out" the company van at lunch time so that I could take a nap in its cozy confines without being bothered. Ahh early 20's such a special time in a girls's life....

Anyway, I tell you this so that you get a sense of how precious my sleep is to me. So this morning when Adam woke me up at 6am to see if I wanted to go watch the sunrise with him my first thought was - I'm sure this is a dream. Then I started to remember that we had kind of talked about it last night, but I thought more in a we will have to do that sometime kind of way, not in the I'll wake you up at 6am tomorrow morning kind of way. Then I started thinking how lucky I was that I actually had someone who wanted to go watch the sunrise with me before he went to work, and that we actually lived in a place where we could do that. So I managed to pull myself out of bed, walk to the beach, and this is what I found:

  The trim flat white I have every day at the coffee shop - $3.50. The cost to rent a new release from the video store - $8. Getting up to watch the sunrise with my man - priceless.


  1. Found you!

    Those photos are absolutely gorgeous. Definitely worth waking up early :-)

  2. maybe NZ will make a morning person out of you yet. you never know! things are all upside down there.

  3. Amen to being a connoisseur of sleep! What a beautiful payoff to getting out of bed early—I always did figure morning people saw the best of the day.

  4. Very well put, Katie......glad your perspective reaffirms my belief in the romantic within you......