Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Day In The Life

I'll start by saying that if you are prone to jealousy or not being happy for someone when they strike opportunity gold, well then turn back now. Otherwise read on with your bad self. It's overcast and drizzly today, which seems like a good time to look back on sunnier times in the week. People often want to know what my new life is like and while telling them is good, it just doesn't always do it justice. So I figure I will show you what has become one of the most regular parts of my day:

This is Possum's Ladder. It is a trail a couple minutes from our house. I like to start and end my day by doing this walk. Our dog, Thurston, also likes this ritual. I am still amazed at how beautiful it is and I always stop to look down and take in the view. The trail then leads down an awesome staircase to the beach:

At any point in the day you can find, dogs, families, gangly teens, kayakers, skim boarders, and sailing classes in action. I like it most in the morning and right before the sun sets.

Other very regular parts of my week are grocery shopping and coffee stops. Fascinating I know. However, this week, I went to meet a friend and her 5 year-old-daughter at a cafe for my morning fix. My friend ordered a Fluffy for her daughter. What on earth is that I wondered? What I learned is that since coffee and cafe culture are so big here, they have a kids drink that is served in an espresso cup that is basically just frothed milk with some chocolate sprinkled on top. It was served with a marshmallow. How cute is that?! Next time I go out, Fluffies for everyone!

I have had the pleasure of hanging out with this lovely family a few times, as Adam works closely with the Man of the House. In fact the last time I was with them, the 5-year-old, made my day by tapping me on the shoulder just to tell me I was pretty. Ahhh something so pure about how the child sees the world isn't there? Later the same child told me at the dinner table, " Katie I can see the cracks in your face when you laugh," like I said the purity of how a child sees the world...

Lest we forgot about the aforementioned grocery shopping. This week I was gathering ingredients to make this delicious roasted potato dish I had recently been served at a BBQ. One of the items I needed was sun dried tomatoes. I went to the deli counter and ordered 100 g of them. I'll interrupt this story by admitting how awful I am at using the metric system, but until this moment I didn't know how bad. The woman behind the counter looked at me like I was either the dumbest or most high maintenance person or even worse - a combination of the two.  From her look, I knew I had asked for something that made no sense. Apparently I had just ordered less then half of this:

Have a great weekend! xoxo Not Gosip Girl but I'll be watching it!


  1. love it. my library assistant and i always talk about how you have to be thick skinned to work with kids. one day they are like, "i love your style. you dress like us!" and the next day the same kid is like, "you look older than him and why would you cut your hair so short!" (he is 10 yrs older than me). ha. anyhow...i am jealous jealous jealous. but that's ok. i am also happy happy happy for you. also i am laughing at the 100 grams. like a lot. also also i totally want a fluffy.

  2. yep those kids do say the darndest things! i can think of no better place then San Francisco to start the fluffy craze. do it.