Thursday, 22 March 2012


I hope this post reflects how wise and worldly I now am. Monday marked another year older for me as well as my first birthday spent in my new country. Had you told me last year that I would be spending my next birthday at an improv class in New Zealand I probably would have said - It's possible. But doubtful.

What does a mature woman such as myself do to celebrate her birthday besides go to improv class? If you said go to dinner, drink her favorite wine, participate in Ellen's Dance Dare competition, and make her husband film it then you guessed right!

For those of you that don't watch Ellen every single day like I do then let me share what Ellen's Dance Dare is for you. It basically involves dancing behind someone that has no idea you are doing it. It looks like this:

As we approached the bar to pay for our meal, the dance dare mood struck me. Cultural side note - Kiwis are not so big on dropping your bill at the table. For most any kind of restaurant, you go to the front to pay. So as we are waiting I see a perfect opportunity to make my move. The guy in front of me naively thinks he is just in line to pay for his dinner. I show him, though, by dancing wildly behind him as restaurant patrons look on, confused, and most likely embarrassed for me.

Unfortunately, Adam did not make his move and somehow failed to actually film me. I of course did not know this and proceeded to do the Dougie, robot, and some new Bollywood moves I recently picked up. Yep, one year older is not gonna slow this gal down.

Besides a failed Dance Dare attempt, my birthday also entailed breakfast and prezzies in bed, as well as lots of overseas love. I feel like my birthday began over the weekend though as soon as "Mum and Nannie " picked me up for our girls weekend in Whangamata. It was a great time and I am definitely a fan of the Kiwi beach life. How cute is their batch?

And the lovely Coley ladies:

And in case you forgot what I look like drinking wine. Michelle and me at the Whangamata Boat Club:

Enjoying the view:

While in Whangamta dining alfresco one afternoon, I did make eye contact with a salesperson, which everyone knows is the come hither look of retail. I was so taken with the sales pitch that I caved and immediately bought what she selling:

Did I mention that she was an 8 year-old girl? Girl Scout cookies are called Girl Guide biscuits here. There name many be different but they taste just as good going down. Thanks to a special delivery that came from America this week I have lots of sweet options.

With all this cookie business, good thing my next vacation involves walking ten miles a day. This time next week we will be here:

I love you already Milford Track. Please don't rain on us the entire time!


  1. We got a box of Girl Guide cookies last week for dog-sitting. I love it!

  2. OMG fabulous post! Ha I could barely understand some of it! You truly are assimilating! Puhlease pretty please have Adam film your next dance dare and send it in!! I love that! I feel he missed a very great impromptu dance dare that perhaps may not be repeatable. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday!! Xoxo

    1. If only we had had the Bloggie with us! But so enjoyed having it on the Milford Track, Adam got some great live footage. Such a great gift, thanks again!

  3. hahahah yes is fabulous post

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  4. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was fun :-)

  5. beautiful photos! xx

  6. We are possibly moving to Auckland from the US. Would like to hear alittle inside as to how it all worked for you all. Will you email me at and I can fill you in on all the questions I have :)

    Much appreciated!!

    1. Hope I was able to help, let me know if you have any other questions.