Monday, 12 March 2012


So a creepy doctor, an immigration specialist, and a celebrity obsessed manicurist walk into a bar, um I mean, my life. Some characters we stumble upon in this world are more pleasant that others. I tell you this because we are currently applying for our permanent residency in New Zealand, permanent in our case is longer than two years.

This means lots of money and paperwork go to the New Zealand government, and perhaps a love letter or two showing that we have a real marriage, the in love kind, not the fake Green Card kind. Thank you long distance relationship that allowed us to create such works of art. This whole visa stuff also means repeating the vigorous medical testing we completed prior to moving, just a few short months ago. I would assume I still don't have sugar in my urine, jaundice, or a mental illness but go ahead and see for yourself.

This is where the creepy doctor comes in. I wasn't actually harmed in any way unless you count feeling really skeeved out as harm or counting really poor bedside manner as damaging. Maybe I lived in San Francisco for too long or have just had female doctors but I could have sworn a male doctor couldn't be alone in a room with you if he was doing anything more then checking the laces on your shoes. If anyone wants to chime in, I'd love to know if I made this up or not.  Anyway, I was glad to find out that I was not alone, as Adam went to see the same doctor a few hours later, and agreed that he was "awful" and "very awkward." Sometimes, with your other half, it's as nice to unlike the same things or people as it is to like them. 

As far as the manicurist goes, no the NZ government doesn't require well maintained hands and feet to call this country home, I just do. I went to get my nails done earlier in the week and the girl who did them was very inquisitive and we got to chatting. When she discovered I was from America she immediately wanted to know if I had met any celebrities. Funny enough, I have actually "met" and seen tons of them, due mostly to travel, some jobs in fancy restaurants, and certain places I've lived, such as Martha's Vineyard. I started listing some names off, and this sweet girl didn't even know what to do when I mentioned Ryan Reynolds. Her voice cracked and she said she wouldn't even know what to do or say, I said well I understand, but I just went with "Can I take your order?."

 When it was time to actually paint my nails, she asked if I wanted to get the shellac manicure (gel), I said yes.  I don't always get that kind but it last a long time so I thought sure. This does have a point, don't worry.She told me well it's quite popular in America and followed with and  "Kim Kardashian gets it. Have you met her?" I just started laughing. No, no I haven't. I'm not sure how she would feel about all the barefoot people and terrible fashion here but I'll be sure to ask if I ever do meet her.

In the meantime, I will continue to try build a life here for myself. Some days that is easier then others. It seems good when I do things like go to the ballet and out to dinner with friends or have Chicken Finger Friday, fun parts of the past week. It's harder though, when you wake up for the sixteenth Monday in a row and have no job to go to. Well I could actually just go to the beach but the beach doesn't need therapy, it's  more like therapy for me. Anyway, thank goodness for the Internet!

I can honestly say I have spent more time on the computer in the past 3 months then in the past 3 years. Seriously, I didn't really get it before. I'm the person a few years ago who said  "Blog. What's that and who would read those ?" Maybe that's why I'm still surprised when people email me out of the blue saying they read my blog,  I'm like really? I think it's great and it really brightens my day to hear from friends and strangers alike, so please keep it coming.

The ipad has become my security blanket these days. With a touch of a few buttons I can be entertained, educated, and talking to friend or family member back home in a matter of minutes. I download books, I listen to podcasts, I scour food blogs for what I'm going to cook next, I keep up with friends growing children on facebook, I read about other expat experiences, I skype. A lot. I read the NY Times and try to keep up with life in America. I mean heaven forbid I am on a plane in a few years next to a celebrity or a  past Republican hopeful and don't recognize them because I lived in New Zealand during the time they came into the limelight.

This did actually happen to Adam but when he still lived in Atlanta. He was on a flight to LA and unbeknownst to him was sitting next to one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Since he had no idea who she was, he was confused when he sat down next to her, and she immediately turned and said  "Sorry, but I'm not going to talk to you." Um, ok he thought I wasn't interested in talking to you either but thanks for the announcement. It wasn't until he got off the plane until one of his counterparts said Hey, weren't those the Real Housewives?


  1. WHICH ONE? You can't just mention that and not give us the important information, Katie.

  2. oh of course - from adam's description I think it was the one second from the right in the above picture, can't remember her name

  3. Just to let you know...the male doctors in Dallas will not be alone in the room with you for any even minor procedures either. Perhaps it is a liability issue in the US.

    1. Thank you Lindsay! I really was wondering. I think you might be living here now? If so welcome to New Zealand! Let me know if you need anything.

  4. Our experience with doctors here has been really "different" also. In the US, if they're going to need you to shed some clothes, they'll step out of the room, leave you with a gown, and maybe something else to cover up with. Here, they just watch you drop your pants. It feels so strange. I found a female doc, but I also am the type to join an all-female gym, so maybe I'm a little conservative!

  5. Thank you Erin, good to know I'm not alone in the awkward Kiwi doctor situation!