Thursday, 15 March 2012

No Sleep Till Whangamata

Well they say you should stop and smell the roses, so this week I did. I made my first trip to the Parnell Rose Gardens. It's a beautiful little spot:

It's nice to have another stay at home Mom, but without the kids, friend to do stuff with. Adrienne and I also went to check out the Parnell Baths, which should be renamed the Parnell Public Pools. Baths sound ancient and natural, we saw a mini water park for children and a place to do laps. I wanted ancient and natural. Oh well, now I know. And knowing is half the battle.

Speaking of knowing, looks like the New Zealand Government is going to know a whole lot about us by the time this Visa process is over. I went to meet with our immigration specialist yesterday and he brought our file with him:

Wow, I had no idea we were that interesting. Apparently we are. So to all the people that personally know me, you're welcome. The greatest thing is that this stack isn't even complete, he said by the time it actually gets submitted it will be close to double that.

After tending to all of that business downtown, I made my way to the Viaduct to see the Volvo Ocean Race, which is currently stopped in Auckland. It's  a yacht race around the world that is held every three years. The boats are amazing:

I even got to ride in a simulator that made me feel like I was actually doing this:

And possibly the coolest part of it all is that I ran into my English teacher from freshman year of high school, Billy O! I knew he lived in New Zealand but he's in Christchurch on the South Island so I  didn't expect it at all. It was so fun to catch up and meet his beautiful family.

Adam has been in China this week and hasn't had much computer or phone access, so all I really know is that he made it there safely and sat next to someone on the plane that needed a seat belt extension. I have been trying to remember all of the things that happened while he was gone so I can fill him in when he returns. For example, how I was in Zumba class Wednesday and after the first song a woman, who looked like a cast member from Absolutely Fabulous, just shouted out "My son's been dead 3 years today but I'm OK."  Que Gloria Estefan. It was both hilarious and painfully sad. Zumba imitating life. Who knew?

In just a few short hours, I am heading off for my big girls weekend in Whangamata near the Coromandel. My friend Michelle told me that her Mum and Nannie will be coming to pick me up and then we will all be going to get her from work. I guess earlier in the week, Nannie had told Michelle I hope your friend likes to drink the wine. Well, guess what Nannie, you're in luck.


  1. Oh Nannie, you ARE in luck! Have a great time, Kates. (Great post)

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  3. Katie.....I am up through March 15 and now find that turning to your blog periodically during a work day brightens my life have a real gift for gab and a most humorous way of expressing your experiences.....again a happy b-day.....of you enlightened your immigration officers about your birthday or at least remind them to look it up to confirm, well, maybe they will make you a cake or, at least find you a physician with bed-side manners.....


    1. Aww thanks. Glad to hear you are enjoying it so much. Thanks again for the wonderful bday package!

  4. oh my... Is all that paperwork just an attempt to see how serious you really are about becoming a resident?! I mean what could possibly be in there? all of your report cards from elementary school?

    1. I KNOW! I don't even know what is in there - crazy!

  5. I heart me the camper sailboat!