Monday, 20 January 2014

Rocking Out in Melbourne

Literally the day Chris flew out, we flew to Melbourne. While in the airport by the way, I realized this was Hazel's 3rd international flight before the age of 1. Ay-yi-yi. Yes, despite what they teach in school Australia is a separate country from New Zealand.

Normally I wouldn't schedule back to back trips like this, but it's not every day that you get an opportunity to fly to Australia to see Bon Jovi.

Yes Bon Jovi. It's so random and yet so something we couldn't pass up. These are the perks of being married to someone in the corporate sector. In my last job in San Francisco, the kind where you actually got paid in money, not giggles and hope, I couldn't even get an office. I did however learn to pop lock and drop it and do therapy in hallways and stairwells. Talk about livin' on a prayer.

But I digress, back to the good life. So yes, because of Adam we got to go rock out in Melbourne. Luckily we had a dress rehearsal a few weeks prior.

Despite looking this good we did not wear the above outfits to the show. We did wear them to a Rock of Ages costume birthday party. This was back in November so Adam was also doing Movember at the time. Don't hate on me ladies that my man looked that good. Btw, did you know Movember started in Australia? Tons of people do it on this side of the world, to actually raise money and awareness for men's health issues not just to be ironic.

Melbourne is a fantastic city. You can walk everywhere, they have a great food scene, and lots going on.

We went last year, but I was happy to be back because my friend from college, Alicia, recently moved there. Score! It was so wonderful to catch up and fun to see some different neighborhoods and meet her wonderful hubby to be.

Definitely one of those, if you had told me ten years ago that we would be here I never would have guessed it, moments.

Our last day in town, Adam had to work and it was pouring rain, so Hazel and I headed to the Melbourne Museum. We caught a great exhibit called Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style.

I simply made a deal with my little munchkin that if she was good while I was in the adult exhibit that I would be good while she was in the kids area. It worked. This time.

After those two trips, we were happy to be back in Auckland for the holidays and get in some R & R before our next set of visitors. We did manage to squeeze in one day trip up to a friend's bach in Martins Bay.

So fun to be on their boat out on the water and eat scallops fresh from the sea. We docked at the Kawau Island Historic Reserve, for an ice cream, but I'd love to go back another time and see the Mansion House and explore some more trails.

The holidays are a hard time to be away from home, but the salt, sand, and sun help. And of course seeing Hazel experience so many firsts.

May this kind of Christmas joy be with you throughout the new year.

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