Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Land Down Under

Let's see, what to report this week about life on my little island in the South Pacific?
Beautiful beaches  - check:

Dog food that looks like cookie dough - check:

Yes, refrigerated dog food that looks like it should say Chocolate Chip instead of Chick 'N Rice is an option at your local NZ grocery store. Thurston has mananged this long without it so we are sticking to the dry stuff but should you ever come here with your dog, I thought you should know you have options.

On a different note, one of the highlights of the past week was getting to attend another League game. Apparently you are supposed to just say "League" as "Rugby" indicates something different in this country, but what we are talking about is a rugby game as far as I'm concerned:

This time it was the Kiwis vs. Kangaroos. The names sound fake I know, but trust me they are real.  I'm telling you these games are so fun to go to. Especially when the crowd starts chanting things like, "THE REFEREE IS A WANKER!" I mean how awesome is that? Adam and I found it very amusing and have somehow managed to work it into daily conversation, using our fake Kiwi accents of course since we don't have real ones yet.

Another funny thing was that the boy band, One Direction, was there and caused quite a stir. I laid my eyes on one of the little teen heart throbs a few rows back. He was cute in that Euro, I weigh less then you, even though I'm a boy, kind of way. I wonder if they are as popular in America as they are here? Why I even know this band exsist I'm not sure.

And in typical Kiwi fashion, we had another national holiday. Wednesday was Anzac Day, which is New Zealand's version of Memorial Day in the US. You see lots of people wearing these to honor those that served: 

Since everyday is kind of a holiday for me, it didn't feel that different except that I had Adam to bum around with. Speaking of my hubby, he has touched down on US soil so I'm playing work widow for the week. Any weird internet people out there by chance reading this, I assure you the one command my 20 lb terrier mix knows is "sic balls," so don't even consider trying to mess with this house.

Besides pining away over my beloved, I plan on jogging with the running group I recently joined. It's a nice group of ladies, dogs, and babies. Improv is over and my volunteer training to work with refugee families starts in a couple days. Like every Tuesday, I will be heading to the video store to get my fill of  half off movies. I mean I rented an entire season of Nip Tuck for .90 cents! And people say life isn't fair...

On the travel front, we have two trips coming up. We are heading to the Bay of Islands in June and to Melbourne in July. Adam's company has it's annual conference "across the ditch" as they say here, so I'm tagging along. I have never been to Australia so I'm super excited. If Oprah thinks it's a good enough country to send her entire studio audience to, well then it's good enough for me. I also heard shopping in Melbourne is the bomb, which doesn't hurt either.


  1. Thanks for the update, Katie. I did not know that the Thurston-dog's command of the English language had become so elegant....which of course, raises the interesting question of what he would/will do if your intruder is, say, a.............female?

    I can assure you that Adam will be well taken care of when he arrives in Atlanta. As you may by now know, he was supposed to see Isaac play baseball on Thursday afternoon, but Josh was mistaken, the game is tomorrow (Tuesday) and not Thursday......they have a practice scheduled on Saturday afternoon (kind of weird considering at that point in the season, there is only one game left) but the coach and Josh, knowing that one of their 5-year old team competitors has a practice at the same time on an adjoining field is trying to schedule a game between the two teams...............just for Adam's benefit so that he can see Isaac play.

    Yesterday Josh, Isaac Lois and I visite with Omi. We blew up and framed a head shot of you and Adam sitting having a drink so she would have a recent picture......she is most excited about seeing him but sorry that you cannot be there......I will make sure we take a picture of the two of them together.
    You are very much missed!!!


  2. Beautiful post and blog!:) Would you like to follow each other?

  3. Hee. Hee. WANKER! These posts are ha-larious, not to mention I love getting the scoop on the day in and day out adventures of your life. Miss you so very very much. Will email more soon. So. Skype on Sunday night??